Scotty fly-rod holder with side/deck mount

When it comes to bream fishing from a paddlecraft, especially with fly tackle, having a secure place to store your rod is critical. The problem is that while most fishing kayaks come with rod holders, they typically only fit spinning or baitcasting rods. Fortunately, you can buy aftermarket rod holders designed specifically for fly rods.

The Scotty No 265 Model is a perfect holder for rod storage or trolling with a fly rod and reel. This model works well with “short-butt” fly rods and holds a fly reel securely with a soft latching strap that snaps over the top. The innovative compact design of the rod holder allows for hands-free trolling with a fly rod and securely holds your gear setup.

Manufactured with fiber-reinforced engineering grade nylon, the Model 265 offers strength, resilience and reliability.

The rod holder comes with a combination base, paired with the combination side/deck mount base and can be mounted on the top or inside gunnel of the kayak.

All post-mount Scotty Rod Holders are fully adjustable up and down and with 360 degrees of horizontal rotation.

MSRP for the rod holder and base is $19.95. More info at

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