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B’n’M Sharp Shooter rod

B’n’M Sharp Shooter rod

A continued quest for the perfect rod for dock-shooting led Mississippi-based B’n’M Poles to design and create the SharpShooter Deluxe 6. This rod has been field tested by B’n’M’s pro staff for several years before release on the market two years ago.

The one-piece blank on the Sharp Shooter 6 is made of extra-stiff, 98-percent graphite that provides longer and more accurate “shooting” of jigs as small as 1/64-ounce.

The rod’s micro-tip eyelet reduces line wiggle to help the angler see movement, indicating a fish has taken the jig. The rod’s handle is made of Portuguese cork and has a fixed reel seat and touch system to provide superior feel. Additional features include Dyna Flo guides for smooth line flow and a hook keeper.

“Other rods for dock shooting are much shorter, 5 or 5 ½ feet,” said Ronnie Capps, a B’n’M pro staffer. “Having a 6-foot rod gives you more leverage to steer a fish out of the dock and is especially useful when fishing from a kayak because you can reach it all the way around the boat.”

B’n’M Sharp Shooter 6 rod, MSRP $59.99. More info at

Yak Attack Leverage net

The revolutionary forearm grip featured on the Yak Attack Leverage landing net offers unparalleled stability and control, while the hinged design allows the handle to fold alongside the net for easy storage.

The high level of control and accuracy offered by the forearm grip means you don’t need a giant hoop to net your next big fish, and the portability makes the net an It features a foam-covered extension on the handle, allowing the net to be stored in a tube-style or flush-mount rod holder.

The full net measures 12×20 inches and handles even the biggest fish. It doesn’t damage the fish, and the mesh is resistant to tangling with hooks.

The net measures 48 inches long, allowing a kayak angler full control of the netting and landing of any fish with no need to contort your body to land the fish effectively.

Yak Attack Leverage Landing Net, MSPR $80. More info at

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