Avian X PowerFlight Mallard

It had to happen. Avian-X, which has brought to the waterfowl hunting market some of the most-realistic decoys, has added a spinning-wing version, the PowerFlight Mallard, to its lineup.

The PowerFlight Mallard features Avian-X’s spot-on, detailed painting and molding, plus heavy duty wings and a lifelike head position to perfectly mimic a landing greenhead.

The patent-pending “Angel Wing” design spins 360 degrees at actual duck wing speed, and a remote that’s good to 60 yards allows you to spin the decoys wings continually or in an intermittent mode: spinning for 5 seconds, off for 3 seconds, which gives the illusion of a duck landing.

The decoy’s weather-resistant housing will protect it in winds up to 30 mph, and the lithium-ion battery is good for 16 consecutive hours of use. It’s rechargeable, and a standard 6-volt lead battery can be substituted when recharging the original.

MSRP: $189.99 – 199.99

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