Einova Ultra Fast Power Bank

Portable power banks are very useful for sportsmen

So, what does a hunter or fisherman need with a portable charging station for his electronic devices: laptops, tablets, even telephones?

Well, on a 3-day turkey hunt two seasons ago, I left my phone charger at home. By the time the hunt was over, my phone was running on fumes. Had I kept Einova’s 63W Laptop Power Bank in my laptop case, as I do now, I’d have been in high cotton, able to charge my phone repeatedly instead of turning it off and on to save battery whenever possible.

This portable charging station provides multiple charges for phones, laptops and tablets without having to be recharged itself. Two USB ports and USB-C and USB-A adaptors set you up to keep most any object charged that you might need in a remote deer, turkey or fishing camp.

The charging bank has three ports and can charge multiple devices at the same time. An LCD display showed the remaining battery life at a glance.

MSRP: $69.99

For more info, visit: www.einova.com.

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