CZ Upland Ultralight All-Terrain shotgun

If you love to hunt small game, but a day in the woods following a pack of beagles leaves you tired and sore for more than a few hours, maybe you need to lighten your load.

That’s where CZ’s Upland Ultralight All-Terrain shotgun fits in. Winner of a 2020 Outdoor Life Editor’s Award, this little over-and-under can be a joy to carry, whether you’re busting bunnies, following a pointer or climbing in the mountains in search of a ruffed grouse.

In 20-gauge, the gun tips the scales at just 5.2 pounds; in 12-gauge, it’s a mere 6 pounds. Both of those models feature 26-inch barrels with 3-inch chambers and five screw-in chokes: full, modified, improved-modified, improved cylinder and cylinder bore.

The gun is only 43 3/4 inches long. It comes with a Turkish walnut stock featuring a pistol grip. The trigger is selectable.

MSRP: $809

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