It’s time to apply for S.C. waterfowl lottery hunts

Hunters are welcome to apply for lottery waterfowl hunts until Oct. 15.

Waterfowl Lottery Applications Now Available

The S.C. Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) is now accepting applications for waterfowl lottery hunts on public lands through October 15th at 5:00 pm.

A non-refundable fee of $20 is required of all applicants for the Multi-site Waterfowl Lottery Hunt and $5 per youth applicant for the Youth Multi-site Waterfowl Hunt. Youth must be 17 years of age or younger to apply for the youth hunt.

After the selection process occurs, only the primary applicant will receive email notification of the drawing’s completion.

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Additional Opportunities for Lottery Hunt Applicants

Applicants for both the Waterfowl Multi-Site and Youth Multi-Site Lottery Hunts also have the ability to opt-in for second chance waterfowl hunting opportunities being offered by private landowners.

There is no additional cost to the applicant and SCDNR preference points are not affected by any second chance draw hunt opportunity offered by the South Carolina Wildlife Partnership (SCWP) or the Pintail Partners (for youth hunters).

You must apply for the SCDNR waterfowl lottery hunt to participate in any second chance hunt opportunity and complete the opt-in form so that your information can be sent for the second chance drawing. Selecting to purchase a preference point only will not enter you into the second chance hunt.

To learn more about South Carolina Wildlife Partnership and how you may help, visit the SCWP web site.

Pintail Partners offers additional opportunities for youth waterfowlers

• If you opt-in by registering and you are not selected for a SCDNR lottery hunt, SCDNR will provide the Name, Email, and Phone Number of the primary applicant to SCWP or Pintail Partners (youth hunt applicants) for inclusion in the SCWP or Pintail Partners lottery process.

• There is no additional cost to the applicant and SCDNR preference points are not affected by any SCWP or Pintail Partners second-chance draw hunt opportunity.

• SCWP requires that each applicant opting in has successfully completed an approved Hunter Education course prior to any SCWP hunts.

• If selected, you will be contacted directly by a representative from either SCWP or Pintail Partners (for youth hunters only, but the adult applicant must complete the opt-in notification as the point of contact).

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