Green Tree Reservoir will not be flooded this year

Green Tree Reservoir (Hickory Top) WMA will not be flooded this year, but hunting will still be allowed during the WMA season.

Hunting for small game, big game, and waterfowl will be allowed

The Hickory Top Green Tree Reservoir (GTR) WMA in Clarendon County will be drawn down over the next few weeks to ensure the health of the trees on the property.

Green Tree Reservoir waterfowl areas are wooded and can be flooded during the fall and winter to allow ducks to feed on the hard mast dropped from the trees.

The mature trees cannot be flooded every year, or they will die. Hickory Top GTR is kept dry every fourth year for this reason.

This popular waterfowl hunting area will be open to waterfowl hunting on Saturday mornings only during the regular waterfowl season. However water levels will not be maintained. 

Hunting for small and big game is allowed in the GTR during the regular Hickory Top WMA seasons this year since the water levels will decline. Any hunting other than waterfowl hunting is not allowed when the area is flooded. 

Due to the recent heavy rain, the area has some wet areas.

Notable closures listed by SCDNR include the following areas:

Waccamaw River Heritage Preserve is closed to vehicles until further notice; foot traffic is permitted. Road conditions will be reassessed after Waccamaw River crest, please check back for updates.

Due to poor road conditions caused by Hurricane Dorian, portions of Lewis Ocean Bay are closed to vehicles until further notice, foot traffic only. Please observe all road closed signs and barricades. Road conditions will be reassessed on Monday September 9th; please check back for updates.

Botany Bay Plantation Heritage Preserve/ Wildlife Management Area will remain closed until Wednesday September 11, 2019 due to continuing poor road conditions.

Click here for more property closure information from SCDNR.

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