Carolina Sportsman’s 2018 Deer of the Year

Numerous trophy bucks were killed in both Carolinas this past season.

Hunters in both Carolinas tagged plenty of trophy bucks during the 2018 season. Here are some of the best.

It’s usually pretty easy to tell when the acorn crop in the Carolinas is sub-par; the deer harvest is generally better, and the number of big bucks killed typically appears to rise, because deer have to travel farther to find food and are more likely to wind up in front of a hunter with a rifle or shotgun and dreams of venison and antlers.

Must not have been many acorns on the forest floor last fall, because hunters in the two states took a bumper crop of trophy bucks, including a couple that might threaten the Boone & Crockett Club’s all-time record book, and another handful of deer that anybody would consider tremendous — even folks who hunt Ohio, Canada and Kansas.

One South Carolina buck may actually threaten the long-standing state record, and two North Carolina bucks are on the edge of the Boone & Crockett club’s minimum of 170 typical inches.

Here are the stories on some of the best bucks killed in the Carolinas last season, eight big typicals and two big non-typicals. You can also click here to check out the full list of trophy bucks we featured this season.