Tips for hunting coyotes in the fall


Killing coyotes is a little tougher this time of year

As fall arrives, hunters see a lull in coyote activity — particularly in how they respond to calling. This comes from hunting pressure and from the ‘yotes having already established their boundaries. But it’s still possible to kill your share of them this time of year. I use two tactics that work in the fall when it can be tough to locate coyotes that will cooperate.

The coyote lull

Right now is the time between when young coyotes leave the den and begin becoming vocal, and breeding season.

Coyotes right out of the den are eager to sound off and check out their neighbors doing the same. Those summer months of July and August bring easy coyote sightings and harvests. But come early fall, these coyotes have established their own feeding areas and have heard calls many times. This can make it very difficult to consistently produce on hunt stands.

Breeding season in December will again produce easy harvests as males look for mates. But until then, things can be tough. Let’s discuss two tactics I use to take these predators this time of year.

Hunt where you know coyotes are spending time

Certain times of year, you can explore new areas and call from stands, trying to locate coyotes. But right now isn’t that time of year for that tactic. Call in areas you have seen coyotes before. As they become less vocal, it is harder to stay on stand for long periods of time. You just don’t know if any of these animals are around.

Hit those spots you or your landowners have actually seen coyotes, and you can produce this time of year. Change up your calling tactics if you are after a coyote you have called before. Confidence in an area is key this time of year as you will hear fewer coyote vocals until breeding season.

Stay longer at each set

Coyotes will take their time to get to you now, much more than when they first left the den. You are going to want to stay longer at each calling location. The seasoned coyotes will come and investigate, but will not be in a hurry.

It is much easier to stay longer at a location when you incorporate tactic No. 1, which is only hunting where you know coyotes have been seen before. Trust those spots and stay longer than normal. Continuously scan for those coyotes as they ease in looking for your caller.

Better days are ahead

Winter brings breeding season. And then, the fields will again be full of coyote vocals looking for mates. Enjoy your deer hunting, and use the two tactics mentioned if you can slide in a coyote hunt when at camp. And count the days until deer season is over and coyotes are roaming all your areas, looking to mate.

Better days are coming for the coyote hunter.

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