Avian-X Oversized Decoys

Worried about high-flying ducks noticing your decoys?

That worry goes out the window when your spread includes some of Avian-X’s new oversized TopFlight decoys. The huge decoys — they come in six-packs of mallards and black ducks — are 17 inches long, 30% longer than normal-sized decoys. They look especially big from above; their width is tremendous.

Used by themselves or in spreads with typical decoys, these big blocks, with the typical, beautiful Avian-X paint jobs — the drakes’ bright, green heads should be spotlights for passing flocks — should stand out plenty, especially in open-water situations.

MSRP is $119.99 for a pack of six, which includes four drakes and two hens.

For more info, visit: www.avian-x.com

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