OtterBox coolers

OtterBox cooler

High performance coolers have been around for several years now, and it seems like more and more companies are making them. And while many are content with making clones of other brands, OtterBox has taken things a step further, making their own Venture Series coolers with unique features that allow you to mount many of their other products directly to the coolers.

One knock against all high performance coolers is their weight. But that’s what it takes to keep ice for days. OttterBox thought of that though, and makes the easiest set of wheels to add (and subtract) whenever you want some help. An easy-to-mount pull handle helps, and can be used in multiple positions.

With 2-inch, refrigeration grade insulation, these coolers can keep ice up to 14 days, and allow for the mounting of numerous accessories in multiple locations, including bottle openers, cup holders, a fishing rod holder, phone mounts, side trays, and OtterBox’s signature series dry boxes to keep everything conveniently located.

Tie-down kits, ice packs, locks, trays and cutting boards specifically designed and shaped for onboard storage and use with these coolers are also options. The Venture coolers are offered in three sizes — 25, 45, and 65 quarts, and the sizes are based on true interior capacities.

Otterbox also offers soft-sided coolers which are available in 20- and 30-quart sizes, and keep ice up to three days.

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