Find spring specks in deeper channels

Speckled trout are on the move this month, so finding their highways is the key to catching them. (Picture by Capt. Bobby Brewer)

Trout are on the move in April

Anglers fishing near Oriental, NC will find plenty of speckled trout biting in the area’s inshore waters throughout April. But many times, the specks are in areas most anglers wouldn’t naturally think to cast.

Capt. Bobby Brewer of Baldheaded Bobby Guide Service (919-349-6112) has learned this from his many years of fishing these waters.

“Trout are on the move in April. But anglers need to find out what highways they are traveling to get the most out of each trip,” he said.

And while anglers casting around docks and points, which are likely spots to cast, will usually pick up a fish or two, Brewer said it’s the anglers that find the deeper holes that are the most successful this month.

“Casting around docks and at points is never a bad idea. Those are typically all good places to find trout,” he said. “But sometimes, making a cast the opposite direction, to the center of the water area, at visually nothing, can lead to immediate hookups.

“Why? Because often, a deeper water channel is present. It may only be 2 feet deeper, but that’s enough,” said Brewer.

Those deeper channels are holding the greatest numbers of trout this time of year. But it’s tough for some anglers to turn away from visual targets and cast into what seems like nothing.

Find the highways for specks

“Sometimes it’s hard to throw into the middle of an area when you see nothing that looks attractive,” he said.

Luckily, finding these deeper channels isn’t difficult.

“To search for these channels, scout with your boat perpendicular to a bank, across an area, to the opposite bank. You might just find the trout highway.

“This month, I would focus toward the mouths of creeks and marshes, and on the surrounding areas outside of their mouths,” he said.

A variety of lures will draw strikes this time of year. Soft plastics fished on jigheads are always good bets. Hard plastic jerk baits that run in the water column are also good.

“Also, April is topwater time. This is a fun month for trout,” said Brewer.

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