Cold weather means big catfish for Dieter Melhorn


Drifting for catfish is great for cold, windy days

Dieter Melhorn of Cramerton, N.C. is a diehard catfish angler. So fishing in cold, windy conditions doesn’t bother him. He actually prefers a little bit of wind because it helps him control his drift better.

Melhorn fishes a handful of different lakes in the Carolinas, and recently caught a 40-pounder while drifting on Lake Wylie using cut chicken soaked in strawberry-flavored Jello. He caught numerous other cats, also while drifting. He was alternating baits between cut white perch and the flavored chicken. It’s part of a long-term study he’s doing to see which bait produces the most and biggest fish.

But this video is about more than gimmicky baits. Melhorn explains how he catches catfish this time of year by drifting, and what he does to keep his drift at the speed he prefers.




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