Fishing footwear for Christmas

The right pair of shoes makes a great gift for anglers

The angler on your Christmas list will love getting new gear to use on future fishing trips. But it can be difficult to decide what to buy them. Some anglers are very picky about what rods, reels, line and lures they use. But you can’t go wrong if you buy them quality fishing footwear.

Quality fishing footwear is a thoughtful gift. And instead of getting lost in their tackle box or crammed in a rod locker with all the other gear they already own, they’ll wear their footwear and always remember who gifted it to them.

The Rogue Wave pull on fishing boots from Huk Performance slip on and off easily, but stay secure and comfortable on the feet. They’re waterproof and available in several colors. These are great shoes for wearing year-round. But Christmas gifts are especially nice when they can be used right away, which is the case with these shoes.

fishing footwear
Huk’s Rogue Wave slips on and off easily, but stays secure when worn.

Fishing footwear won’t rust away in tackle boxes

Grundens also has a great selection of fishing footwear that will bring smiles on Christmas morning, then keep feet protected all year. The Deck Boss fishing boots and Deck Boss Ankle Boots are the flagships of the company’s offerings, are available in multiple colors, and can be used in all seasons. And their sandals and other shoes are great during indian summers, as well as all seasons outside of winter.

fishing footwear
The Grundens Deck Boss boots provide lots of coverage, and a shoe-style version of the boot is also available.

If you’re shopping for a kayak/canoe angler or one who enjoys wet wading in mountain streams or coastal creeks, Keen has a great selection of highly durable fishing sandals. The company makes several different models, all available in numerous colors. Their Newport H2 will keep feet safe and protected even when walking on jagged rocks or oyster mounds. And the toe-protector gives anglers the confidence to walk anywhere without fear of stubbing their piggies.

Keen’s Newport H2 sandal is a top choice for anglers who wade, even on jagged rocks or oyster mounds.

The best part of buying footwear for your Christmas-list angler is the only thing you need to know is their shoe size. It’s also nice to know its something they can use on every fishing trip, throughout the duration of each trip.

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