Kahara Diving Frog

Kahara Diving Frog

The Kahara Diving Frog is a great summertime bass lure, especially on waters that get choked with surface weeds this time of year. Unlike traditional hollow-body frog lures which stay on the surface full time, this one dives underwater, and even under lily pads every time the angler moves the lure. It then floats back to the surface when anglers pause their retrieve.

This lure is especially effective along the edges of weedlines and in lily pad fields that have open sections of water dispersed throughout the area. It also brings in the bites when cast near woody structure like downed timber and stickups. The diving action, along with the pop and splash created by the lure diving, is sometimes all that’s needed to entice a wary bass, which may pass on a topwater-only retrieve, into biting.

While the legs of many topwater frogs are short and have little movement during the lure’s retrieve, the Kahara’s legs are long and springy, and stretch their full length each time the angler moves the lure. The dual hooks are similar to other topwater frogs, ensuring solid hooksets.

The Kahara Diving Frog is available in eight colors and two different sizes.

More Info: www.optimumbaits.com

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