Jessica Poston bags upstate gobbler

I arrived at the spot I decided to hunt at around 3:30PM. I snuck down all through the woods to avoid being in the open field. Put the decoys out, and finally got situated around 3:45PM. I hit my Woodhaven Red Wasp call a few times, and then again around 4:00PM. It was really windy. So about 15 minutes later, I decided to use a glass friction call to see if maybe it would carry a bit better with the high winds. Then about 4:30 I hit the glass friction call again, and about 5 minutes, here three Toms come running in. They started attacking the Mojo Scoot-N-Shoot Gunner Turkey decoy. That was awesome to watch, out of all my hunts I usually don’t use decoys much, and that’s the first time I saw one hit a decoy like that! I finally got a shot while they were flocking the decoy and took the dominant bird. He had a 10 7/8” beard, and the spurs were 1 5/16” & 1 1/8”. Even though I have killed several turkeys over the past few years, this was the first hunt that I called solo. It made the hunt a bit more exciting and rewarding by calling in a few Toms all on my own. Such a rush!

–Jessica Poston; Chesnee, SC

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