South Carolina: Rain or shine hunt anytime!

Carson Wayne

It all started October 12th of this year. This brute showed up on camera and decided to hang around all day bumping a few doe in and out of the camera view. Throughout the month of October he never showed face again until Tuesday, November 7th.

He had been gone for roughly a month and started a trend when he returned. Once he had returned me and my buddy that lease the ground noticed him and another deer where using opposite days to come check that area. Perhaps a hot doe was in the area we weren’t certain. We decided that week where going to hunt. Well my good buddy Evan Reese had Friday off and being that it was warm not ideal for November weather he decided to hunt that morning. Well the other buck kept to his routine and came out that morning and Evan harvested that buck. Well going into that night we discussed hunting that next morning and how it was going to be raining.

We already had our mind made up we where just going to hunt regardless of the weather and boy did it pay off. As the morning arrived we where a smidge behind schedule but being that the weather was overcast and raining we knew the sun would be a smidge behind. We get into the stand and as first last breaks Evan has deer all over him, BOOM he breaks one off and that’s the first one of the day. As the morning goes on Evan sees a total of 15 deer before 9 o’clock. Myself not seeing anything I began to realize the buck hadn’t showed by his normal time I jokingly figured he would just be “late” due to weather. Well I didn’t so much as say that and at 8:40 AM on November 11 he stepped out at 70 yards and the rest is history.

I’m beyond blessed to be able to take a deer of this caliber off my own lease ground and with a lifelong friend that has the same passion for the outdoors as me. It’s been an awesome year and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the year pans out!

–Carson Wayne; Chesterfield County


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