Neal Collie harvests heavy-horned public land buck

public land buck

Public land buck responded to grunt call

I harvested this 8-point, heavy-horned, buck on Nov. 11, 2023 during a morning hunt on the Upper Roanoke River Gamelands, which is a state lottery permit opportunity. A few of my friends and I have been doing this getaway hunt for approximately 15 years now, where we boat in and camp for several days.

During the trip, some light rutting activity was occurring where I witnessed a spike buck chasing two doe across a dried up swamp. On the last morning of the trip, I hiked back more than a mile from camp and settled into the Summit climber shortly after daylight. I set up my filming equipment, put on my face mask and gloves, then gave a series of buck grunts on the Extinguisher call. Immediately, the 8-pointer walked in from behind me.

I heard crunching in the dry leaves and turned to see the buck walking in behind me at 30 yards. As he walked behind some cover, it allowed me to stand up and turn around. I quickly rotated the camera and softly grunted at the buck two more times to stop him. He froze and appeared to be looking for the “other buck” that grunted. As he started to walk away, I took the shot. The Savage .30-06 dropped the buck in his tracks. Luckily I knew some of the neighboring hunters and borrowed their game cart to assist in the 1 mile haul back to camp!

Check out the video of the hunt for the heavy-horned, public land buck…

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–Neal Collie


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