First buck ever


My father Jack Berry has never really hunted before last year. Well, I thought I’d get him into hunting a little more. So we tried to get one with a muzzleloader and that didn’t quite work out, so we decided to wait a few weeks until rifle and the weather kinda messed that up.

So I called him Thursday to see if wanted to go this Sunday and he said sure. We got in the stand a little later than I wanted, but it wasn’t long and we started seeing deer.

Around 4:15 a yearling doe stepped into the field about 200 yards from him as I watched him from a good distance (same field). I texted him and said that’s a baby he replied I see her. Then about 5 minutes later he texted me “I just had a yearling in the corner but she’s gone now.”

Then about 5 minutes after that he texted me again and said “buck in the corner” I replied shoot him. I sat there watching with my binoculars, thinking and saying to myself “shoot him.” What seemed like forever, I finally saw the deer drop then heard the rifle go off. We get down and he goes to the deer and I go to get the four wheeler. He calls me and says “It’s a 9-pointer.” I say “good job and I’m proud of you.”

Well, come to find out it’s actually a 10-pointer.

–Bryan Berry

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