Christmas Eve Hunt/ Engagement

Hey Ya’ll, My boyfriend Jared and I went for a Christmas Eve hunt on his family land in Montgomery County. We went to a ground blind stand that I have hunted several years now and I killed my very first buck at that location on another hunt while Jared was also with me.

As Jared and I sat there, we were talking about the next day’s Christmas festivities and after about 45 minutes, does started to make their way into the field. Then all of sudden Jared said “hey babe, there he is!”

The buck had jumped a fence and had crossed over a road bed. So I get my .300 Win Mag ready that Jared bought me last month for my birthday! The does were acting skittish and the buck would never turn broadside, so I took a neck shot roughly around 92 yards. He fell where he stood!

Jared and I exit the blind an headed down the hill. I was FaceTiming my sister telling her what had just happened. Realizing it would be dark in about 15 minutes, I told her I would call her back later. When I turn around Jared is knelt down on one knee and I see something shiny on one of the buck’s antlers. I was in absolute shock, I went over there and hugged him and he said. “Shalea Chriscoe, will you marry me?”

Of course I said YES! We have been dating almost 6 years … He put the ring on my finger and then we snapped some pictures and then we had a deer to clean!

–Shalea Chriscoe

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