Win great prizes in the Carolina Sportsman Bag-A-Buck Contest

Carson Perry entered the Bag-A-Buck Contest with this fine pair of 8-pointers he arrowed within minutes of each other.

It’s free to enter. Just post your photo and summary of your hunt

Have you entered our Bag-A-Buck Contest? It’s easy to enter and you can win a great prize package, including a two-day deer-hog hunting combo at Cherokee Run Hunting Lodge in Chesterfield, S.C. and a three-year subscription to Carolina Sportsman Magazine.

Carson Perry entered the contest with his double 8-pointers. On the second day of North Carolina’s Central season, Perry tagged out with two bucks that he killed with his Mathews Z7 bow.

One of the buck’s was in velvet. He made a broadside shot on the 175-pounder from 17 yards away with a Rage Hypodermic broadhead. The deer ran about 100 yards before piling up. Fifteen minutes later, Perry shot his second buck of the hunt, a 140-pound deer that was quartering towards him.

Follow Perry’s lead and make your own entry into our Bag-A-Buck Contest by clicking here.

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