Swim a worm with a big, ripple tail through shallow water and you’ll run into some bass that haven’t locked down on the bed yet.
Bass Fishing

An alternative to sight-fishing

Sight-fishing is a well-known way to catch largemouth bass in April, but it’s not the only way to catch them. Try these tips to catch bass that most sight-fishing anglers are missing out on. […]

Bass Fishing

Jerkbaits: not just for spring

When you think of baits that bass fishermen turn to in the fall, you think of moving baits like crankbaits and spinnerbaits. A lot of people overlook a hard jerkbait, because everybody thinks about fishing them in late winter and early spring. If you think about it, late October, November and December can fish a lot like late winter and early spring, with baitfish relatively shallow and the water relatively clear. […]