Dove field-ology

The best dove hunts always begin with a solid food source, from native grasses and forbs to carbohydrate-rich grains in agriculture fields. 

But it takes more than just a see buffet to have a good dove hunt. Where there is strategy to tag a Boone & Crockett buck, dove hunters have proven tactics they can utilize to get a quick 15-bird limit for the crock pot. 



Find the dove buffet

With an estimated population of 275 million in North America, the mourning dove is one of the most-abundant and recognizable birds in the land. In the South, Labor Day weekend brings hunters from all walks of life into fields for the opening day of the dove season. 



Rabbits by the numbers

The most-recent small-game survey conducted by the S.C. Department of Natural Resources (2015-16) revealed that the best rabbit hunting occurs in the Midlands (2.19 rabbits jumped per hour), followed by the Lowcountry Country’s (1.22), the Piedmont (0.77) and the Northern Coastal Plain (0.56). Cottontails make up the bulk of kills at 68.6 percent, while marsh rabbits total 27.4 percent and swamp rabbits 4 percent.