Fishing Tournaments

Catawba angler makes Classic

Six anglers, including Brent Long of Catawba, realized their dream by qualifying for the 2007 Bassmaster Classic through the Jan. 17-19 Bass Federation Nation Championship at Alabama’s Lake Neely Henry. […]


Many problems originate with fuses

A discussion on the Internet reminded me of a problem that has been around for about as long as marine electronics. A fisherman asked for help with his sonar unit’s erratic behavior, and a predictable series of responses appeared. […]

Bass Fishing

The month of monster bass

There are two times every year when I look forward to fishing a crankbait. One is immediately after the post-spawn, when bass first start to gang up on offshore ledges.

The other time is March. […]


New Smith & Wesson M&P a joy to hold

The young woman certainly looked like she knew what she was doing.

Slim, longish brown hair, attractive, early 30s, she held the Glock 19 with a firm two-handed grip and addressed the target aggressively, her head tilted forward as she gained proper sight picture. […]