9-year-old kills massive Anson County buck

9-year-old was hunting with his dad

Kreed Tyson, 9-years-old of Albemarle, N.C. killed a giant Anson County buck on Nov. 14. The deer has been green-scored at 155+ inches, with a spread of 18 3/4 inches wide.

The young hunter shot the buck from 50 yards away with a single-shot youth model .243 Rossi. He was hunting with his dad, Michael Tyson, who said it was their first time ever seeing the giant buck.

“I had forgotten my binoculars that day. I knew it was a good buck, but didn’t realize it was a monster until we went to get him. Walking up on him, I realized how big he was. Kreed was one happy boy. He shot a 16-inch wide, 8-point buck last year. On the way to the stand, he told me he was going to shoot one bigger, and he sure did.

“Now all I hear is ‘Dad, my deer is way bigger than yours,’” said the elder Tyson.

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