John Mallette’s grouper rig

John Mallette said most fishermen don’t think of it this way, but his grouper rig begins 30 feet above the hook. He likes to fish using 80-pound superbraid, but he adds a 30-foot topshot of 130-pound monofilament for the end of the line for abrasion resistance.  […]

Three tips for taking more Spanish mackerel from piers

The Spanish mackerel have showed up a little earlier than normal this year around Grand Strand piers, and anglers are catching them using three different methods. Angler Matthew Hearn of Murrells Inlet said the bite should stay hot for the next few weeks and said all three of these methods should work throughout the Spanish run. […]

Pier Patrol — Fish these 11 fishing piers this summer

Pier fishing is one of South Carolina’s oldest angling traditions, and July has always been a great month for catching fish from these structures. With the water temperature averaging a balmy 83 degrees, fish like pompano and spot join a host of other species that bite throughout the summer; the majority of tarpon caught off South Carolina piers are also taken in July. […]

Billfish Primer

Six billfishes swim in North Carolina waters — Atlantic sailfish, white marlin, Atlantic blue marlin, shortbill spearfish, longbill spearfish, and swordfish. […]