Special equipment is often needed by pier anglers

Pier fishermen Jerry Grenier can easily carry all of his essential equipment on his cart.

Pier fishing requires specialized tools, some of which are provided by each pier operator. One of the most important, according to Mount Pleasant’s Jerry Grenier, is a pier net.

“You can’t lift these big fish all the way up to the pier without popping your fishing line, so you’ve got to drop the pier net down, work the fish into it, then raise the net up,” he said. “You can hook all the big fish you want, but you won’t land them without a pier net.”

All 11 of South Carolina’s full-service fishing piers have pier nets for public use, but some anglers bring their own.

Rod holders are not featured on any of the 11 big piers, but some anglers bring their own that either clamp onto the railings or can be tie-wrapped around railing supports or attached with thick Velcro straps. Some piers have sinks with running water, which is essential for cleaning your catch or cutting bait.

Shade is also considered an essential by some anglers, and while most piers offer some shade, many anglers elect to bring their own in the form of umbrellas. Seating is provided on all the piers, but many anglers bring their own chairs that they find more comfortable. Anglers who carry a lot of gear like to use wheeled carts or wagons with rod holders.

“I can haul enough gear to comfortably fish all day on my cart, and I can wheel it with one hand,” said Grenier.

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