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  • An old approach, a great bass lure for March
    I have always loved bass fishing in March in the Carolinas, and I’ve got an extra reason to like it this year: a new lure that fits perfectly in the conditions.
  • Crockpot venison backstrap makes a great meal
    This crockpot venison backstrap recipe is a nice bridge between our winter hunting harvest and the spring fishing season.
  • Do we really need food plots?
    Wildlife need a combination of food, water and cover to fulfill their life needs and to thrive in the natural world. In an ideal setting, Mother Nature provides the essential components to provide adequate food, cover, and water. 
  • If flounder are in trouble, why do I catch so many?
    It’s no secret that flounder numbers are down, at least according to the Atlantic States Fisheries Management Council and every state fisheries agency along the Southeast coast. 
  • March busts out at Santee Cooper lakes
    March is known for blustery weather, but it also ushers in big-fish season for several species. The heralded prespawn striper run is under way, and these fish are on a mission to spawn, packing many of the heaviest stripers into the upper end of Lake Marion. 
  • Never give up! that big speck won’t
    Persistence is one of the most overlooked keys among an angler's tricks when it comes to landing trophy speckled trout.
  • Targeting panfish from a plastic boat
    Kayak anglers looking for an early spring bite will find it from a variety of panfish in waterways across the Carolinas.
  • Will Kokanee salmon thrive In NC’s mountain lakes?
    Nantahala Lake in the far-western North Carolina counties of Clay and Macon contains the usual assortment of gamefish — bass, walleye, trout and bream — but one exception makes it unique. Nantahala is the only lake in the Southeast with Kokanee salmon, a species more identified with far western and northern states.

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