Features from February 2019

Columns - February 2019

  • Cataloochee Creek is a real keeper
    Few places exist where you can fish for trout with elk looking over your shoulder, and few streams in western North Carolina contain more brook trout than rainbows or brown trout. Cataloochee Creek in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is such a place.
  • Hit the hot hole for winter action
    During the winter, look for areas of water that are warmer than surrounding water. These "hot holes" hold baitfish and gamefish, and they don't always occur where most anglers think they do.
  • Is it time yet for the big move?
    February starts off cold on the Santee Cooper lakes, but as the month progresses, temperatures warm, pushing fish into an early spring pattern.
  • It’s time to make plans for food plots
    Hunters should review their logs and scribble out a new food-plot plan that includes improvements to soil, weed control, seed selection and other activities for better results.
  • Shad fishing makes February great
    Anglers in the Carolinas look forward to spring fishing, but February is also a great month, especially for anglers who fish for shad.
  • This quail and rice recipe is delicious
    This quail dish is a treat for bird hunters, even if they didn't have much luck in the field. The rice will carry this stretch this meal so everyone gets their fill.
  • Winter bass are worth the work
    In late February and early March, bass in the Carolinas are getting ready to spawn. They'll head to the shallows and bite slow-moving lures.

Outdoor Update - February 2019

  • Rabid black bear found in Hyde County
    After finding and handling a black bear that tested positive for rabies, a Hyde County, N.C. hunting guide has received the rabies vaccination.
  • Redfish will not be stocked in Hyco Lake
    The NCWRC hoped to stock redfish a/k/a red drum, in Hyco Lake to help control the population of tilapia, but their studies determined redfish would not survive due to the quality of water hardness in the reservoir.

Field Notes - February 2019

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