Features from February 2018

Columns - February 2018

  • Blackened venison stew makes a great winter meal
    Winters in the Carolinas typically aren’t harsh, at least not for more than a few days at a time, but there will be a few times it’s nice to have a pot of something simmering and ready to eat to help warm up. 
  • February is big-bass time
    While many anglers wait until March to begin bass fishing at the Santee Cooper lakes, they are missing out on some hot prespawn activity by these fish.
  • Fly-fishing museum gets a new life
    After losing its lease in a building in downtown Cherokee, N.C., and not being offered an alternative site by the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians, the Fly Fishing Museum of the Southern Appalachians has re-established itself in nearby Bryson City.
  • Pick a clear lake, go slow, fish open water
    A lot of fishermen approach February as a good month to go to boat shows and look at all the newest boats and fishing tackle, but some years, you miss out on a lot of good fishing by staying off the lake.
  • Salute shad, the kickoff fish
    It’s been cold, and many anglers have been waiting for the slightest break in weather. And while many are looking forward to next month, plenty of others know that February is really the time to break out the ultralight gear and head to a handful of rivers across the Carolinas for the shad run.
  • Shall we gather at the river?
    Many anglers find successful winter time fishing in rivers that don't have a huge change of depth. This makes the fish easier to find and offers a more stable fishing outing, no matter the temperature.
  • The coyote breeding season offers great hunting
    Over the past 20 years, coyotes have taken a foothold in every county in the Carolinas. From livestock and domestic pet predation to population reductions in native game and non-game species, coyotes are well beyond becoming a nuisance.
  • The Vudu Vixen
    Speckled trout and other saltwater species feed on shrimp and baitfish, shad, mullet, cocahoes and more.

Outdoor Updates - February 2018

  • Beaufort, NC teen kills 705-pound bear
    Branson Long of Beaufort, N.C. turned 13 on Nov. 18, but the biggest birthday present he could have gotten didn’t arrive until Dec. 3: a 705-pound bear that’s the biggest ever taken in Carteret County.
  • SCDNR releases 16 tagged coyotes for harvest incentive program
    For the second year in a row, the S.C. Department of Natural Resources has tagged and released 16 coyotes. Four coyotes have been placed in each game zone as part of the coyote harvest incentive program.
  • Weaverville hunter kills trophy buck, wins December Bag-A-Buck
    Darryl Fox of Weaverville, N.C., had no idea he was going to kill the biggest buck of his life last fall. A teacher and baseball coach at North Buncombe High School, he didn’t get to do everything he usually does leading up to deer season, or even get in the woods during archery season, because of the sickness and death of his father last year.

Hot Spots - February 2018