SCDNR releases 16 tagged coyotes for harvest incentive program

As an incentive to have more hunters kill coyotes, the SCDNR has tagged and released 32 of the canines in the past two years. The 'yotes carry a bounty of a lifetime hunting license.

Hunters can win lifetime hunting license for killing tagged ‘yotes

For the second year in a row, the S.C. Department of Natural Resources has tagged and released 16 coyotes. Four coyotes have been placed in each game zone as part of the coyote harvest incentive program. The incentive program was created by a Budget Proviso (47.10) passed by the S.C. General Assembly in 2016 and 2107. This proviso directs SCDNR to develop and implement a coyote tagging and reward program.

Anyone who kills one of the tagged coyotes, saves the carcass for verification and contacts SCDNR will receive a complimentary lifetime hunting license. This lifetime license may be issued to a designee of the winner’s choice.

Eight of the 16 tagged coyotes from last year have been reported thus far. Potentially, 24 tagged coyotes still remain that would be eligible for the lifetime license incentive.