Blackfin blackout

Yellowfin tuna aren’t as plentiful off the coast of the Carolinas in July as they are in the spring, but blackfin tuna are here in large numbers. […]

Offshore Fishing

John Mallette’s grouper rig

John Mallette said most fishermen don’t think of it this way, but his grouper rig begins 30 feet above the hook. He likes to fish using 80-pound superbraid, but he adds a 30-foot topshot of 130-pound monofilament for the end of the line for abrasion resistance.  […]


Wahoo bite outstanding for boats from Murrells Inlet

Spring weather and calmer seas have opened the gates for offshore boats out Murrells Inlet marinas – right in time for the kind of sizzling wahoo bite springtime is known for!

Capt. Ned Campbell of R&R Charters out of Crazy Sister Marina said his catches of gone through the roof the past two weeks.

“This time of year is when the wahoo bite usually picks up a little, but right now our experience is more about catching than fishing,” said Campbell. “The fishing is real steady and about as good as it gets.”

Offshore Fishing

Billfish Primer

Six billfishes swim in North Carolina waters — Atlantic sailfish, white marlin, Atlantic blue marlin, shortbill spearfish, longbill spearfish, and swordfish. […]


Go Long for Groupers

It was a nearly windless morning and the sun was just turning a black night into the grayness of predawn at Atlantic Beach.

Twin 250 Yamaha four-stroke engines mumbled quietly as they warmed up, and the turbulence of the engines’ vibrations on the otherwise quiet water of the boat harbor foretold which boat was being readied for a day of fishing. […]