Deer Hunting

The lowdown on food attractants

Anyone who has ventured into the woods with gun or bow in hand has considered a strategy of hunting deer based around feeding preferences: natural, planted or dumped out on the ground. But have you ever considered a hunting strategy based on the scent of food? […]

Deer Hunting

Make a big noise

Hearing enhancement is often overlooked when hunting clear-cuts. How can it help when I’m hunting animals I don’t expect to see at close ranges? But it’s common to hear hunters say, “I heard the deer before I saw him when he was walking through the clear-cut. It sounds like paper tearing.”  […]

Freshwater Fishing

Suspending jerkbaits more common than in the past

Deep inside my tackle box, there is a Rapala floating minnow that’s a victim of a late 1980s how-to article. Above the front hook, I drilled three holes and inserted a split shot in each, then sealed the wounds with epoxy. At the time, it was one of only a few ways that anglers could make their jerkbaits suspend. […]