Bass Fishing

Don’t hate the postspawn

Many bass fishermen dread the time immediately after bass spawn, referred to as the “post-spawn period.” While there are challenges, there are several really good patterns that emerge. […]

Bass Fishing

Time for a herring high

We have had a cold winter and a very up-and-down spring, but there’s one thing that South Carolina bass fishermen can count on this month: May is the month of the herring bite. […]


Smithwick Elite 8 Suspending Rogue

It wasn’t too long ago that the Elite 8, the eight best college basketball teams in the country playing in the NCAA’s “Big Dance,” were thrilling fans and television audiences in a hopeful waltz to the Final Four and, ultimately, to the title game at the center of every bracket in the U.S. […]


Marine batteries 101

Learning that all batteries are not created equal can be an expensive lesson. Power your trolling motor with batteries designed to start your engine and they will last for weeks rather than years. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Don’t miss May’s offering

May is an ideal time to be on a mountain trout stream. Wildflowers are in bloom, dogwoods and rhododendron are flowering and a multitude of mayfly, caddis and stonefly hatches are coming off — more hatches than any other time of the season. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Special rigs for rock piles

Fishing the high spots of rock piles that are abundant in Lake Murray is a key to shellcracker success from May through the fall. Guide Brad Taylor uses a special rig to fish these places most effectively. […]

Other Hunting

Deal with the coyote problem

During the spring, nature experiences a rebirth that can be seen across the animal and plant kingdoms. Forests and pastures change to a bright, green with new growth, and many of the spring soft-mast plants produce their annual crop. […]