The big screen advantage

“Multifunction display” grows in meaning with each new generation of marine electronics. Sonar functions now include traditional down-looking 2-D scanning with and without CHIRP, high-definition side and down scanning, live forward scanning, 360-degree circular scanning and a choice of frequencies to optimize each type for either maximum detail or greatest scanning depth/distance. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Get buggy for trout

Summer is the season of bugs, all kinds of bugs, the ones that crawl, fly or hop: beetles, inchworms, grasshoppers, crickets, bees, ants, caterpillars, crane flies, fireflies. No matter what kind of insect it is, you can find a fly that imitates it closely enough to make a trout believe it’s the real thing. […]

Bass Fishing

Bass haven’t moved far

Patterns for summer fishing on Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie will vary according to the part of which lake you fish and the species you target. In the main body of both, deep-water areas with plenty of woody cover will produce consistent action for crappie, and to some extent, big bream. A lot of catfish will be in the deeper depths, but they’ll primary be following food more than looking for cover. […]

topwater options
Inshore Fishing

Sifting through topwater options

Summer trout fishing isn’t trout fishing without testing out the early morning topwater action. Catching fish using surface options can lure in any angler into waking up super early, because a topwater strike will wake an angler faster than a 20-ounce cup of coffee.  […]