Cooking on the Wild Side

Cooking flounder without frying

This unusual recipe will have you asking for more August is the hottest month for sportsmen in the Carolinas. Fishing has been good all summer, but being smart rather than bold helps keep fishermen a […]


A flat, gray bite

Rennie Clark piloted his boat out of North Carolina’s Masonboro Inlet, nosing the bow through the rolling waves. Clouds in the overcast sky threatened rain, but the wind was calmly whispering out of the southwest, which made the seas nearly flat. […]


Carolina rig or jigheads for flounder?

Few fishermen will argue that flounder prefer to feed in the lower third of the water column. Their body shape suggests that they spend most of their time along the bottom. As a result, lures and baits should stay on or near the bottom to capture a flounder’s attention. When using live bait, the choice of terminal tackle can make a big different in presentation.  […]