LiveTarget’s Swimbait Series

LiveTarget, with its industry-leading designs and award-winning artificial lures, has added to its growing family with soft-plastic swimbaits that — even in their earliest stages of design — fool the forage fish they resemble so closely. […]


Give yourself the shaft

With all of the annual hype and focus on the latest and greatest compound bows, the arrows they shoot are often an afterthought. In reality, the arrow is just as important, if not more, than the bow it is shot from. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Don’t forget trout lakes

Western North Carolina and South Carolina’s Upstate have dozens of lakes with fair to excellent populations of trout. Some of these lakes, especially smaller ones, are classified as hatchery-supported waters and are regularly stocked with catchable-size fish in the spring and winter. […]

Freshwater Fishing

The month of the move

With just a little breath of warm air from Mother Nature, several species of fish will be on the move this month Anglers pursing them will have to move and adapt to changing patterns as water temperatures warm, but the reward can be fat fish in skinny water. […]


Ranger RT198p

Feature after fishing feature, inspired from their famous fiberglass lines, make the new Ranger RT198p a hard-core fisherman’s dream boat. It gets your attention with good looks and wins you over an excellent combination of features, storage, fishing space and attention to detail. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Bet on Lake Tillery bream in cold water

In late fall, when crappie leave brush piles in search of deeper water, most anglers go with them and neglect brush until crappie return the next summer. While those anglers may be following their passion, they’re missing out on some of the best bream fishing of the year.   […]


Tracker Pro Team 195TXW

The Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW is the largest, most-powerful, all-welded, modified Vee aluminum boat Tracker Marine has ever built. And no space was wasted, either. It’s packed that start at the bow with a huge bow casting deck and continue to the box beam, all-aluminum transom.  […]


Xpress XBay 21 and 23

Fifty years ago, Xpress Boats changed the horizon of aluminum boat building by being the first to weld an aluminum boat. Later, it pioneered construction based on using longitudinal rib construction rather than cross ribs and injecting expandable foam to create a unibody platform that exceeded Coast Guard Standards and provided enhanced performance while dramatically reducing hull noise and increasing the overall safety of their boats.  […]


Excel F4 Center Console

The F4 and F86 Center Console shallow-water boats harken back to the beginnings of the Excel Boat Co. With deep roots in duck hunting flooded Arkansas timber, Excel began with a need for tough durable boats and has grown to be a premier manufacturer of affordable models targeting the unique needs of outdoor recreational enthusiasts. […]


Pro-Drive X Series with stick-steering

Pro-Drive is a small company attuned to the wants and desires of its customers, building boats and motors to be used as a unit. Pro-Drive designers and builders all use shallow-water boats and drives when hunting and fishing, are open to suggestions and have the experience to make ideas work.  […]