Other Hunting

Coons by Nite Lite

What is the oldest sporting tradition related to using hounds to pursue wild game? Likely that would be fox hunting, which has at least a few centuries of history in Europe. […]

Offshore Fishing

Target: Frozen Fish

Cold water isn’t always bad. The cooler ocean temperatures of February lure bottomfish much closer to the shoreline to spawn around shipwrecks, livebottom areas, and artificial reefs. […]

Bass Fishing

Borderline Bassin’

If you’ve been around largemouth bass for any length of time, you’ve come to learn and dread a term that’s often used to describe fishing during the spring and fall: “transition.” […]

Bass Fishing

Fish Like A Pro

There’s no disputing who is the best crankbait fisherman in the world — fellow Sportsman columnist and professional fisherman David Fritts. […]