Bass Fishing

Pull Lake Hartwell Bass to the Surface this Month

Topwater action on Lake Hartwell bass may sound surprising for summer fishing, but fish can be coaxed to the surface, even on the hottest days.August is never a fun time to be outdoors in South Carolina, that is, unless you really like offering yourself to the sun gods or the fish are biting on Lake Hartwell. […]


Hot to the Fly

Take these tips for catching summer redfish on fly-fishing tackle; the Georgetown, S.C., area is a great place to put them into practice. South Carolina is a southern jewels that permits anglers to chase their […]

Bass Fishing

All roads lead to bass

Jordan Lake offers anglers an unusual number of submerged roadbeds for great summer fishing opportunities. Here’s how to find and use them. Roadways are the lifeblood of our nation. They enable us to get from […]

Inshore Fishing

5 Tips for Carolina tarpon

Hooking a tarpon on rod and reel is the closest thing to riding a rodeo bull that most anglers will experience. These massive, strong fish are often fickle in where they feed and what they’ll eat, but once the hook is sunk in their jaws, all bets are off. […]