Plano’s Edge Master Terminal Box

These boxes have specific uses

The era of portable, plastic tackle boxes that could be added or removed from tackle bags has revolutionized the way fishermen store their crankbaits and worms and jigs.

But until Plano introduced its Edge Master Terminal Box, none of those plastic tackle boxes was made specifically for terminal tackle: for hooks and weights, snaps and swivels.

The Edge Master Terminal Box has 16 removable interior boxes, four of which are further divided and three of which are made from high-density rubber for bullet-style weights.

The individual boxes have molded-in, finger slots for easy removal, and they come with the rust-preventing technology and watertight seals the Edge line introduced last year, plus watertight sealing.

This box comes in the 3700 size, which fits into current tackle storage systems.

MSRP: $49.99

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