Turkey hunting by boat with Carolina ALL OUT


Small boats mean quiet access for public land turkey hunting

Several years ago while drift-fishing down a river, I noticed a turkey on a sandbar right at the river’s edge. He didn’t pay me any mind as I slipped quietly past, wishing it was turkey season and that my spinning rod-and-reel combo was a 12-gauge. Chris Douglas and the crew from Carolina ALL OUT took things a step further, specifically targeting turkeys with small boats in the Butner Game Lands area.

Douglas spends an evening on the water in his Creek Boat, casting for fish while listening for gobblers. As darkness approaches, he makes one call, producing an answer from a gobbler in the woods. He’s back early the next morning. parks his boat on the bank and heads into the woods. From there, he and the rest of the Carolina ALL OUT crew show us how effective these boats can be for quietly getting to different hunting spots, not just first thing in the morning, but also throughout a day of hunting.

Turkey season is coming up. Don’t overlook using a boat to get you into position to kill a turkey that most hunters will never have a shot at.


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