Ghost Hunting calls and lures

Ghost Hunting Calls and Lures of Marion makes a full line of turkey calls, headed by this friction call that guide Israel Gibson relies on.

Guide Israel Gibson of Rivers Edge Outfitters in Spruce Pine is a big fan of Ghost Hunting Calls and Lures in Marion, especially the company’s friction ones.

Tim Roberts, who designs calls for the company, said opinions are mixed on which is best.

“My favorite call is the Black Widow; it is a two-sided call with a powder-coated aluminum on one side and slate on the other,” he said. “Rich Akins is the owner, and he prefers the Green Lady, a two-sided call with anodized aluminum and slate. Both calls come with a diamond wood striker.”

The company has a full line of turkey, deer, elk, predator, duck and goose calls, as well a scent line. For more information, 828-442-7118 or

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