tough gobbler

Don’t give up on tough gobblers, just change tactics

Very few wild turkeys are “easy” for hunters, but some are easier than others. Those gobblers that gobble at your first call on opening day and sail down within shotgun range fit in this category, along with the ones that respond the way any turkey hunter would expect them to and wind up 30 yards off the end of your shotgun barrel within 30 minutes.


Deer Hunting

Fond of Funnels

Gary Barrett, a lifelong resident of Rockingham County, has undergone a metamorphosis over the past 40 years, going from trophy deer hunter to hunting tutor, a journey that has seen him kill several hundred deer, 30 of which most hunters would consider trophies. […]

Deer Hunting

Habitat-improvement projects

Gary Barrett has initiated a number of habitat-improvement projects at Oakhaven that North Carolina deer managers can implement on properties they own, lease, or hunt on if the landowners agree: […]