Small game seasons end this weekend

small game
Small game seasons end in the Carolinas this weekend, for most species.

Squirrel, rabbits are most popular small game species

Small game hunting season closes this weekend in the Carolinas, at least for most species.

In North Carolina, bobcat, crow, possum, grouse, quail, rabbit, raccoon, and squirrel seasons all end tomorrow, Feb. 29. Fox hunting season remains open one day longer, closing Sunday March 1 only in Alleghany and Surry counties.

In South Carolina, crow, quail, rabbit, squirrel, fox, bobcat, and grouse seasons all close on Sunday, March 1. Raccoon and possum seasons close on March 15 in the Palmetto State.

Beaver hunting remains open year-round in both Carolinas

Justin Cook, a student at N.C. State University enjoyed the small game season immensely along with his hunting buddies, the Vashti Beagle Boyz. The group helped out a farmer from Stony Point when the farmer asked for help controlling some rabbits.

“We were asked to hunt this property from the farmer after complaints about the rabbits chewing on his nursery plants and blackberry bushes,” said Cook.

In an age where acquiring permission to hunt land has become increasingly difficult, Cook and his friends jumped at the chance to help the farmer out. They also brought the farmer’s youngest son along, giving the young man some experience in the field.

“We hunted the farmer’s property three different times, killing a total of 78 rabbits. On Feb. 15, we tallied 35 rabbits, which was our all-time best day. They owner’s son enjoyed killing his first rabbit on one of these hunts,” he said.

Cook added that the group got a lot of help from a good rabbit dog owned by Jackson Walker.

“We had a great season and will be looking forward to next season,” said Cook.

Youth hunters in South Carolina have one more chance to hunt rabbits. The statewide Youth Day on private lands for rabbits takes place on March 7. The South Carolina limit on rabbits is five per day.

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