Find a public dove field near you

The NCWRC maintains public dove fields all across the state. Find one in your area and you'll be ready for the season opener.

NCWRC maintains public dove fields all across the state

The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission maintains areas primarily to attract mourning doves on many game lands across the state. These fields are typically seeded in millet, milo, sunflowers, sorghum, corn, or a mixture containing some or all of these crops. They are normally harvested, mowed or burned prior to the opening of the dove-hunting season to ensure seed is available and attractive to doves in the area. Though the NCWRC makes every effort to ensure each field is prepared yearly, weather conditions in some years can affect the quality of crops planted. It is important that hunters scout prospective areas prior to hunting the field.

Click here for NCWRC’s interactive game land map with dove fields, and you’ll be ready for opening day.

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