Ranew’s Hanging Judge Gambrel


This gambrel also weighs your deer

I have a gambrel to help rough-butcher the deer that my son, hunting buddies and I kill. And I also have a scale so we can certify who deserves bragging rights for taking heavyweight bucks.

But the scale and gambrel are separate, and it takes two hoists of a nice buck to get his weight, then start the process of skinning and butchering.

Not anymore. The folks at Georgia’s Ranew Outdoors combined both tools into their new Outdoors Hanging Judge. The gambrel, which hunters can use to suspend their deer off the ground for gutting and skinning, has a built-in, heavy duty electronic scale so the weight of the deer can easily be seen during all facets of the cleaning, skinning and butchering process.

No more guessing the field-dressed weight of a whole deer. It’s right there in front of you, in a easily read, digital format.

MSRP: $69.99.

For more info, visit: thehanging-judge.com

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