Quail of Iredell

A handful of quail for the frying pan is the tasty object of an upland excursion behind a pointer or setter.

Dog owners take advantage of a true upland venue to give pointers and setters a workout.

Nothing has hammered N.C.’s native northern bobwhite quail more than disappearing small family farms and clean-farming practices at mega-farms.

Sub categories of quail habitat enemies include housing-development encroachments; federal laws that protect avian predators (hawks, owls); expansion of fire ants; nest-destroying ground predators (raccoons, muskrats, mink, oppossums, foxes) and antipathy toward fur (leading to depressed fur prices and fewer trappers). And even snakes, according to a Florida State study. These promblems mean fewer places for quail to hide from danger and rear their chicks each spring.

Basically, everything out there will eat quail, and we’ve made it a heckuva lot easier for them to do it in recent years.

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