NCWRC publishes list of permit hunting opportunities for 2019-20

Lottery hunts

Vast number of lottery hunts are available for sportsmen

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has released its list of Permit Hunting Opportunities for 2019-2020. These hunts, often referred to as “lottery hunts,” provide opportunities for hunters to go after a variety of game on gamelands that are managed specifically for wildlife.

Hunters enter the lottery and a certain number are picked for specific hunts. Hunts are held for dove, deer, waterfowl, turkeys, and small game. Dozens of opportunities are available to licensed hunters, but you have to apply for a chance at being chosen.

Disabled hunters can also put in for permit hunts that are held specifically for disabled folks on lands that are specially adapted to accommodate those with unique physical needs.

The number of opportunities are too numerous to list here. But they can all be found — along with application forms — on the NCWRC’s website. Click here for the information. And pay close attention to the deadlines for the hunts you would like to apply for.

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