Purchase time, with night hunting gear

For sportsmen, purchasing night hunting products is almost as good as buying time.

You can’t buy time — or can you?

I’ve heard that you can’t buy time. But that’s not necessarily true — especially for sportsmen who enjoy predator hunting at night. Read along and see how our liberal laws on night hunting make it possible to buy time.

Buy more time afield

Seasoned hunters know time afield is precious. We often can’t wait for the first day of turkey, deer, or waterfowl season to finally come around each year. If somehow sportsmen could purchase more time afield, it would add to the enjoyment we have each time we go out. For coyote and hog hunters, it’s absolutely possible.

Liberal night hunting laws in the Carolinas allow hunters to add hunt time to each and every trip to our hunting properties. Our year-round night hunting regulations allow plenty of opportunities for sportsmen to add more time to their hunts. These regulations give us the chance to buy time — as long as that time is spent hunting coyotes and/or wild hogs.

The purchase of night hunting equipment can multiply your time afield. That’s a win for any hunter. Few, if any, other products can add so much time to your arsenal in chasing game.

Double your chances each trip

I used to travel to my lease only to scout turkeys and deer, and maybe even throw a few workdays into the mix. Taking along a night hunting or thermal scope allows you to go early or stay a little later and add a bonus hunt to that hour trip to your hunting land.

Imagine driving to your land two hours early and helping the landowner remove hogs and coyotes before you listen for gobbles at daybreak. You could also hunt deer on an evening hunt and plan to check fields on your way home for hogs. Who wouldn’t like to add in a few harvests when you usually would have just driven home?

Night hunting equipment can be mounted on firearms you already own, and they can at least double your time afield. I often coyote hunt before I take to the turkey woods. Many times, the howls from my electronic caller have drawn coyotes into the call.

Roosting birds in the evening and then checking the field for hogs adds hunts to my trip. This doubles the payoff for the drive to my hunting land. On every trip to our hunting land — even those only meant to work the land — night vision equipment can turn every trip into a productive hunt.

Budget friendly options

A great thing about night hunting options is the range of budgets in the night hunting product world. A $500 night vision setup can get you started into night hunting and provide you with a budget friendly chance to add time to your hunts. Thermal scopes are a little more expensive. But you can put up impressive harvest numbers with quality thermal products.

The key to each product is that it allows you to add so many hunts to trips you already are making. And that extra time afield provides more opportunities for you to be out there with friends and family.

I can’t think of any other product that has added as much time as these night hunting products.

Research night hunting options

If you decide to make a purchase to add more time to your hunts, research night hunting options and pick the best option for your type of hunting.

Night vision equipment requires an infrared light, which the scope can pick up. It also requires open areas, as the light from the IR will bounce back off of brush.

Thermal equipment, on the other hand, picks up heat from animals and can be used in heavily wooded and brushy areas. In the wide open, thermal can detect game from hundreds of yards away — thousands of yards with more expensive units.

The best night hunting equipment in all situations is thermal. But the high price can be a determining factor in your choice.

As always, hunters should check their state and local game laws on night hunting, and know the options are out there for you to add a lot of time to your outdoor activities.

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