Staying warm is a key to success when deer hunting

Wearing warm, layered clothing and keeping your feet, head and neck covered, will make your time on the stand in December much easier.

Staying warm late in deer season can be a challenge for many hunters. Cold sits on the stand are not fun, regardless of the time of year.

One tip for staying warm include remembering to use clothing in layers. Layers trap air, and these air pockets work as insulation. A good wicking merino wool provides excellent warmth next to the skin. Follow this with a good down or polar fleece vest and wool pants covered with a heavy coat, and you are set.

A lesson learned many years ago is this: is if you can keep your neck and feet warm, you can keep your whole body warm. Cool air cools the blood in the arteries just under the skin of your neck as it heads to your braining, making the brain register cold. By wearing a fleece neck gator or scarf, you keep the blood war as it goes to and from the brain, and that helps heats the entire body.

Keeping your feet warm is a greater challenge. Heavy wool socks, insulated boots and in extreme cases, heated insoles are the ticket to keeping your feet warm. A good pair of boots with at least 600 grains of insulation and heavy socks will help. One tip is to put unscented antiperspirant on your feet to keep them from sweating. That helps to keep them warm. Also, boot laces tied loosely keeps blood flow from being restricted and increases warmth.

Don’t hesitate to use a heater in your blind if you’re hunting from one. Portable propane heaters are a life saver for extreme cold days and can make or break a hunt.

With today’s technology, there really is no reason to be cold while hunting.

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